47.04.01. "Philosophy"

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*Correspondence form of education with the use of distance learning technologies.

The program has been implemented since 2022.

Attractive tuition fees: 700 $ per year (quarterly payment in the amount of ¼ of the cost of education).

Dear applicants!
We invite you to enroll in the network educational program of the master's program PHILOSOPHY OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, direction 47.04.01. "Philosophy".
The following are involved in the implementation of the program:
• Bashkir State University,
• Ufa Aviation Technical University,
• Northern (Arctic) Federal University.
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Unique program

The educational program combines knowledge in the field of digital technologies and the worldview, prognostic potential of philosophy. The peculiarity of the preparation of

undergraduates is the combination of deep knowledge in the field of the

philosophy of artificial intelligence (AI) and practical skills in working with

large amounts of information using modern intelligent systems.

Program disciplines
  • Philosophy and methodology of modern science;
  • Introduction to the philosophy of artificial intelligence;
  • Artificial intelligence and systems theory;
  • Visiosophy: infographic and digital visualization of theoretical knowledge;
  • Processing and analysis of big data;
  • Neural networks and machine learning;
  • Culture and intercultural interactions in the modern world;
  • Current trends in the development of artificial intelligence technologies;
  • Main problems of the philosophy of mind;
  • NBIC convergence;
  • Intellectual analysis of textual information;
  • Bioinformatics;
  • Analytics of information processes in artificial and living systems;
  • Philosophical problems of virtualistics;
  • Philosophy of mathematics;
  • Synergetic approach in artificial intelligence;
  • Theory and practice of machine translation;
  • Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences;
  • Use of artificial intelligence technologies in information security;
  • Philosophical analysis of human perspectives in the world of Hi-Tech;
  • Artificial intelligence in the era of digital globalization: strategies and risks;
  • Theory of games and decision making, etc.
Program mission
The educational program has the following goals:
• train professional personnel with a high culture of philosophical thinking and skills in working with modern digital technologies, digital design tools, capable of developing and implementing digital products in the field of science and education;
• to form a holistic scientific outlook using knowledge about the mechanisms of improving the physical and mental capabilities of a person, adapting a person to the realities of the digital world, personal security in the context of digital globalization;
• provide conditions for the formation of digital competencies and skills for using digital technologies in design and research work.
Field of professional activity of graduates
is in the field of secondary special and higher education, in academic science, in public administration, in the field of public communications, in the expert analytical community.
Graduates receive a systematic education in the field of AI philosophy, big data analytics, will be able to act as AI consultants and implement its practices in organizations without third-party specialists. Employers note developed systems thinking among candidates and employees with a master's degree.
You will master the required specialty. After training, you will be able to confidently start a career using the latest information technology, or take it to the next step. Possible places of employment of graduates and the scope of application of knowledge and skills obtained under this master's program include the following organizations and government bodies:
• Institutions of secondary special and higher education;
• Control and analytical departments of heads of administrations of cities and regions;
• Information-analytical departments of heads of administrations of cities and regions;
• Analytical departments of state and commercial institutions;
• Research and academic institutions;
• Centers for the provision of analytical and information services.
What do you need to get into a master's program?
Have a bachelor's or specialist's degree. Apply for admission by  September  15, 2022. Pass an entrance test using remote technologies (testing). Test preparation materials will be provided to you after you submit your application.

What is the form of education?
Education is conducted by correspondence (2 years, 6 months) with the use of remote technologies. Lectures and practical classes are held online. You can be in any city and study with us.  
What is the cost of training?
Very attractive: the cost of studying for a master's degree in part-time education is 350$ per semester. Payment can also be made quarterly. That is, to get into our program and start studying, it is enough to sign an agreement with the university and make an initial contribution of  175$ for the first quarter.

How to apply?
Documents can be submitted remotely. Sign up for a consultation on this site and you will be given detailed instructions on how to do it.
How can I contact the organizers of the program?
The organizers are always in touch and ready to help you:
phone: +7 987 027-59-14,
phone: +7 902 712-54-00.

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Our specialists will contact you, tell you about the program in more detail, answer your questions.
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Feel free to contact us:

Elkhova Oxana Igorevna

Head of educational program,
Doctor of Philosophy, docent,  Professor of Bashkir State University
Phone: +7 987 027-59-14

Makulin Artem Vladimirovich

Head Department of Philosophy and Sociology of NArFU

Doctor of Philosophy, docent

Phone: + 7 952 257 20 92

Bezhaeva Oxana Yakovlevna

Head Department of Technical Cybernetics, USATU,

Сandidate of technical sciences, docent

Phone: +7 908 350 35 63

Submission of documents to the magistracy

Dear entrant!

My name is Guzel Fanilevna. I am a department engineer philosophy and cultural studies of BashSU, Responsible Secretary of the Admissions Campaign of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about admission to the above master's program.

Call by phone:

8 902 712-54-00


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